Do you have a guitar nearby? Are you ready to learn how to play?

Before you begin, it’s best to understand how to play the guitar. Here are a set of tips everyone should be taking into account before starting off. It will make the process easier for you.

1) Precision Over Speed

Too many people push forward and aim to learn how to play fast. This is not the way to go. In fact, what you should be doing is going in the opposite direction and slowing things down. You want to be as precise with your fingering as possible.

This is the only way to see positive results from your lessons.

2) Avoid “Death” Grip

What is the “death” grip? It is when your left thumb wraps around the guitar when holding it. This is a massive mistake because it reduces your mobility and ability to remain precise. You want to keep the left thumb on the handle instead of wrapped around.

This is a simple mistake most beginners make and it hinders their development.

Do not let this happen to you.

3) Seek Out Difficult Chords

Each person is going to find particular chords difficult while learning to play the guitar. This is normal.

What you should be doing is sticking to learning these difficult chords. Don’t settle for what’s easy because you will never progress.

It is these tips that are going to make learning how to play the guitar easier for you. For even more guitar information, you can visit the Online Guitar Lesson Guy website which is extremely helpful.

Is the process going to be easy? No, it is going to take time, and that’s normal. You have to be persistent with your approach and understand the nuances as you move forward.

When you do this, playing the guitar will become simpler, and that’s what matters.

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