At Lockport Cruise it is very important for us to be close to our families. We believe that family the number one priority and we love to have fun with them. That is why we have the Lockport Cruise Club every Monday night so that we can get together with family and go out cruising. We believe in getting out on the road where we belong!

Bean Bag Bed for the Family

Last couple weeks we were telling you about something that we bought that we felt brought our family together. We bought a giant bean bag bed that was really nice and big enough to fit several people on at once. We were very excited to share with you our new Giant Bean Bags and we still are. This bean bag is huge and we are very excited to share more with you.

You can also check out some other people who have purchased a bean bag like this one. If you check out their blogger blog, it has a bunch of links to show you all about how different people are using their bean bags in their homes and apartments. What could be comfier than a big bean bag bed?

Sharing Your Bean Bag Online

Also there’s a Google Bean Bag¬†Doc that will tell you a little bit more about what kind of bean bag sizes you can get and some more photos and videos of what you can expect to get from this bean bag bed. If you’re interested in sharing more with friends, which I’m sure you are, you can connect with them and especially on the two platforms.

Giant Bean Bags Facebook¬†and Google Docs are a great way to connect with friends and share what you’ve been up to. So, that’s all for us. We are interested in what you would like to know. If you have a bean bag like this one or maybe from another company please do let us know. Would love to hear your experience and maybe we will share it on our blog here too. We want to hear from everyone here Lockport about how they’re making the most of their beanbag and how we can draw closer to our families and have the most fun we can. Until next time, enjoy the streets and stay comfy at home with your family.

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